All SOS X-Change sunglasses feature multiple DuraLite™ polycarbonate interchangeable lenses of various thicknesses, each of which are designed to block the full spectrum of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The lenses are included with each style and exchanged in seconds.

Smoke tinted lenses are used in bright light conditions to reduce sun-glare, yellow or amber in low light or overcast conditions to enhance contrast and increase depth perception and clear lenses for dusk and night time conditions. Clear lenses are often used at night by motorcyclists and law enforcement. Brown lenses are considered an all round driving lens for general day time weather conditions.

Face hugging, form-fitting lightweight Composite Shock Frames™ crafted from flexible and durable Grilamid TR90, offer extreme durability and flexibility, to withstand the punishment of physical endurance. Cushioned SofTouch™ temple tips and nose pieces offer long wearing comfort while reducing frame shift and slippage during strenuous activity.

All SOS Eyewear™ is backed by a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

Lens Changing Instructions:

Unleashed™, Crush™ and Vector™

  • With the Sunglasses facing you, grasp the inner part of the lens near the nose bridge
  • Push toward the outer part of the lens and down with your thumb
  • You may need to use a little pressure. Do not be afraid of breaking the lenses or the frames.
  • The lens should slide out.
  • Repeat the same process for the other lens.
  • To reinsert the lens, slide the outer part of the lens (the side farthest away from the nose bridge), into the lens groove.
  • Slide the lens up groove until it "clicks" into place.

Pro Stealth™

  • Close Sunglass Temples.
  • From the rear of the Sunglasses, push the lens out and away
  • To reinsert the lens, again close the temples.
  • Slide the lens from the outer part of the frame toward the nose bridge.
  • From the front of the Sunglasses, with the temples still folded, press on the lens until it "clicks" into place.
  • Keep in mind, this lens is a "Floating Lens". By design, it will not go entirely into the grooves in the frame. The bottom part of the lens will be slightly raised over the frame.