We at SURVIVAL OPTICS SUNGLASSES® know what is important for you to keep your sunglasses were as comfortable as possible and in order to get them look their best. Therefore we are constantly updating our colors and styles of sunglasses made ​​by us.

The most important thing for us is that any sunglasses SURVIVAL OPTICS SUNGLASSES® protect your eyes even under the most extreme conditions. Enemy number one for your eyes is invisible UV radiation. UV radiation can damage the skin as your (the main cause of skin cancer) and your vision, and is present even when the weather is cloudy or foggy. Another danger to your eyes can mean invisible infrared light, which causes dry eyes and takes the itchy feeling and stinging eyes. All models of sunglasses SURVIVAL OPTICS SUNGLASSES® offer 100% - the whole spectrum protection against UV radiation (UV-A / UV-B).UV-C radiation is absorbed by the protective atmosphere of the Earth, so it does not present a hazard to your eyes.

Main shades sunglasses lenses SOS

Smoke and gray

Shades are the most popular of all of our offerings. Lenses TCO Smoke ™ are quality lenses without distortion and block a wide range of UV radiation. They prevent the penetration of dazzling sunlight to protect your eyes, and additionally provide accurate color reproduction.

Brown & Brown - orange shades

Lenses of color prevents the Diffusion blue light with which you may encounter during cloudy weather. Lenses Enhance Brown ™ enhances the contrast and depth perception. Lenses are ideal for golf or driving a car.

Yellow, and yellow - orange shades

This shade is particularly popular with hunters and sport shooters and are also suitable for night driving. Increase the contrast and after the deployment of glasses you feel like you've seen them sharper.

SOS XLT (Xtreme Lens Technology)

XLT lenses of our sunglasses are designed to prevent the transmission of too strong light beam without color distortion. ChromaCoat Multi - Color Prismatic flash layer reflects the strong sun brightness, and prevents glare. These lenses have a mirror from the outside appearance.

SOS Polarized MLF (Multi - Layer Filtration)

High Definition PolarMax MLF Polarized lenses are made ​​of high-technology from one piece of hand-molded polycarbonate without distortion. Are not used any laminate layer and the film, as in lower quality sunglasses. This does not reduce the image quality when viewed through glasses. Lower-quality sunglasses that do not use this technology may become damaged over time - eg. To peel off a layer or polarizing influence of UV radiation and high temperature cracking. Lenses SOS Polarized Multi Layer Filtration block vertically reflecting light and the crystal structure of the lenses is changed to horizontal. Because of this feature polarized lenses are ideal for use during water sports, snow and during the procedure.

SOS XCLS (X Changeable Lens System)

Our exclusive offer interchangeable lenses is suitable for any lighting conditions. Clear lenses are ideal for biking, yellow on overcast and mirror in bright, sunny weather.

Polycarbonate Lenses Duralite

Lenses Duralite ™ Polycarbonate optically correct, distortion-free and provide improved visibility in all lighting conditions. Polycarbonate is the same material from which it produces the bulletproof glass in the automotive industry. It's incredibly flexible, strong and shatterproof material 35 times stronger than glass. It's so hard material that it uses a special cutting diamond blade, and his grinding and polishing must also use special tools. Polycarbonate as the material itself absorbs UV rays, so you can be sure that our SOS ™ CrystalVision clear lenses can provide full protection against the full spectrum of UV radiation. Ideal also for people who wear contact lenses or have sensitive eyes. Polycarbonate lenses are lightweight, durable, impact-resistant as our patented DURACOTE ™ protective layer are most resistant to scratching the plastics. Safety glasses with polycarbonate lenses are highly regarded goggles in a circle of protection and rescue units worldwide.

Other important components of sunglasses SURVIVAL OPTICS SUNGLASSES®

CSF (Composite Shock Frames) frames

CSF frames have low mass and low inertia. When not wearing hop and move on your head even during extreme sports activities. They are made of Grilamid TR90 material, which is characterized by extreme flexibility and durability.

SOS Touch-electronic Nose Grips

Soft rubberized beams (nose pad) holds your glasses in place even during extreme sports activities. This self-regulating material ensures your comfort during wear glasses regardless of the shape of your head.

Temples (temples)

Temples glasses Survival Optics Sunglasses® are rounded so that it followed the curve of your head without you felt any pressure in their area. End of the temples are covered with soft and non-slip material to your glasses remain always at their destination. This advanced anatomical design will provide all-day comfort while wearing glasses.

Venting Systems

Some lenses and frames, goggles offered by us have built-in ventilation holes to provide better air flow and thus prevent fogging and condensation formation glasses. Such a design allows for maximum ventilation glasses. By buying our SOS sunglasses to get the maximum that the sunglasses you can expect!

Tips and advice

If your job requires you often changed their place of residence (exterior / interior or sun / shade), such as drivers and agents, cord for glasses is an essential tool. Besides the fact that your sunglasses will always have on hand, to prevent their accidental loss or slump on them. Do not leave your glasses on the court or on the seats in the car in hot weather. While plastic frames may lose their shape, metal absorbs heat and can cause burns. Wear your sunglasses with you or take off in a car compartment in protective packaging.

Storing glasses

If you do not have your glasses right on the head, the safest place where you can save, is a protective envelope or sleeve. Thus imposed glasses can protect against scratches or breakage.

Do not put the glasses without a protective case into your pocket or purse. Keys, coins and other sharp objects can scratch the lens glasses and so reduce their protective function.


The lenses of your glasses clean soft cloth each day, the most ideal material for this purpose microfiber towels. We do not recommend using cleaning materials made of wood-based, such as paper towels, handkerchiefs etc.