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Vector sunglasses features an extremely lightweight, precision engineered, durable and flexible Grilamid TR90 frame, fitted with 3 pairs of 2mm DuraLite™ Polycarbonate, (PC), decentered lenses (smoke, yellow and clear), with anti fog lens coating, a hydrophobic coating and full spectrum 100% UV protection, and infrared radiation blocking to keep the eyes safe, cool and moist, relieving dry scratchy eyes.

These ergonomically designed face hugging frames are so light you hardly notice you are wearing them and they will offer you all day comfort and protection from the sun's harmful radiation. Includes micro fiber cleaning cloth and a protective foam case.

Lens changing instructions: With the sunglasses front facing you, grasp the inner part of the lens near the nose bridge. Push toward the outer part of the lens and lift out. Do not be afraid of breaking the lenses or the frames. To reinsert the lens, slide the outer part of the lens (the side farthest away from the nosebridge), into the lens groove first then insert into the nose bridge side. Slide the lens up groove until it "clicks" into place.

1041 Grilamid TR-90 Black frame with softTouch temples and nose bridge, polycarbonate (PC) anti fog and hydrophobic smoke, yellow and clear lenses.

Get the sunglasses Bear Grylls wears. Get SOS Survival Optics Sunglasses and Go Wild.


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