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Fat Boy goggles feature shatter proof, DuraLite scratch resistant, anti fog coated, polycarbonate lenses that shield your eyes from sun, wind and debris while blocking out the full spectrum of harmful UV radiation and eye drying infrared radiation.

Fat Boy motorcycle goggles feature a central vertical hinge above the nose, allowing both lens halves to wrap and position themselves perfectly to the left and right side of the riders face, making this style perfect for even the smallest face.

The durable synthetic titanium composite shock nylon frame, shield, the eye, from peripheral glare while offering extreme durability against chemical, heat and UV radiation.

The dual venting system at the top and base of the goggle frame further aids this styles anti fog characteristics.

An adjustable elastic strap keeps these cool goggles firmly in place making them suitable for speed pursuits such as motorcycling and winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.

Fat Boy goggles are available in two styles:

#7611 Matte black goggle frame with PC brown lens suitable for all round light conditions

#7621 Silver goggle frame with yellow lens suitable for low light conditions


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