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SOS Commander 2
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SOS Military sunglasses feature shatterproof, 2mm DuraLite coated, polycarbonate, interchangeable lenses with a lightweight padded Grilamid TR90 frame providing extreme durability and comfort.

SOS Commander 2 sunglasses feature full facial cushioning to ensure long wearing comfort and a set of three pairs of interchangeable lenses (clear, yellow and smoke) for varying light conditions. No matter which pair you choose you'll be assured of full spectrum UV protection plus the added benefit of infrared radiation reduction to keep your eyes from getting dry and scratchy.

The included adjustable head strap holds the glasses even more securely in place when engaged in extreme activities. Proudly worn by FBI, DEA, Army Rangers, Navy Seal Teams, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Marines and Military Special Forces worldwide.

Commander 2 sunglasses are available in two styles:

2061 Matte black Grilamid TR-90 frame and Polycarbonate (PC) ANSI Z87.1 anti fog and hydrophobic smoke, yellow and clear lenses.

2062 Matte green/brown Grilamid TR-90 frame and Polycarbonate (PC) ANSI Z87.1 smoke, yellow and clear lenses.

Get the sunglasses Bear Grylls wears. Get SOS Survival Optics Sunglasses and Go Wild.


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